Monserrat Navarro – What I Wish I Knew

Name: Monserrat Navarro

Major: Community Health and Minor in Spanish

As my senior year is closing there are many things that I have learned that I wish I had known coming into UTSA. As a first-generation student the majority of what I was encountering during my time at UTSA was new. One of my concerns coming into UTSA was how I was going to pay my tuition and fees. If I had known beginning my university career that there are so many outside scholarships available to students I would have spent the time and effort to apply to as many as I could have.

As a student assistant in the Financial Aid and Scholarships office I have learned that UTSA has multiple outside scholarship databases on their website for students to browse and use. If I had known this earlier I would have used the resources available to me and found outside scholarships that I was able to apply to. While finding outside scholarships and applying to them may be require time and effort the benefit is much greater than the cost. If I would have applied and received outside scholarships I would have been able to fully concentrate on my classes and work. The opportunity of outside scholarships is the one thing that I really wish I had known about Financial Aid and Scholarships.

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