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Don’t Let Food Break The Bank

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how expensive food can be. As a college student, it can be tempting to use financial resources to splurge on take-out or going out with friends. Eating out especially can grow into a bad habit that begins to drain our bank accounts. Did you know the cost of ordering through delivery apps can be up to 200% more expensive than eating the same dish at the restaurant?

Try to challenge yourself to only eat out once or twice a week. In addition, try planning out your meals for the week by creating a grocery or food prep list. Here’s some additional resources to help you start developing smart food spending habits.

Always look for coupons

Companies are always offering promotional deals or coupons for savings on the food items we need to buy every week. Many times, you can sign up on their webpage to receive promotional offers virtually or by mail. Saving .50 cents may not seem like a deal, but those little amounts will start to add up.

HEB coupon page

Find meal prep articles and videos online

Meal prepping is an extremely cost effective way to get your weekly meals in. Many times, we simply don’t know how to start. Check out the online article below for a simple tutorial on what meal prepping actually involves:

College Info Geek

Youtube is a pretty great resource for video recipes on budget friendly college meal prep ideas. You can find videos for any type of dietary restrictions or budget goals.

Youtube search for meal prep

Search for budget friendly recipe sites

Access to the internet means we have no excuses anymore on not being able to find easy, cheap recipes for students. Cooking at home is not only better for our health, but can also save a ton of money as we get through college. Try checking out these websites for budget friendly recipes that some of our very own UTSA students recommend.

Budget Bytes

Food Network Budget Recipes

$1 Meals

Cookie+Kate Vegetarian Meals


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