Track Your Student Loans

The key to understanding your Loan Responsibilities is to track what you are borrowing. UTSA has partnered with Inceptia to help you understand the financial impact of the student loans you have borrowed. Below are a few tips to help you starting track your student loans.

Tip #1: Know what you own

Each year UTSA will send you a Student Loan Summery letter to inform you about how much you have borrowed. You can also login to the National Student Loan Database ( to review what you have borrowed at any time from any institution. This database also provides you with information on your outstanding loan balance and the interest.  

Like any other bill or service you will want to make sure that your loan history is correct and that there are no errors in your loan history. If you find an error you will want to contact the institution or servicer you borrowed the loan from.

Tip #2: Know who your Loan Servicer

An important part of keeping track of your loans is finding out who your loan servicer is. A servicer is the organization who you will make your monthly payments to. You can find your student loan servicer on the National Student Loan Database ( Once you contact your servicer they will be able to help you understand the repayment process and your options.

Tips #3: Know Your Resources

There are several online resources available for students that can help to answer your questions specific to the loans that you have borrowed.

  • Student Knowledge HQ
    Designed to help students feel more knowledgeable about student loans through helpful articles and interactive games.
  • National Student Loan Database
    This website will help you to review your entire student loan history and keep track of what you borrow
  • Federal Student Aid website
    The Federal website has several helpful modules about the life of your loan and also can help you find out who your loan servicer is.